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157. "Larry Doby" - 7" x 10.5" Art Print

157. "Larry Doby" - 7" x 10.5" Art Print

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Preorder the 7 x 10.5" Larry Doby art print until February 4th. After this date, the print will be retired. The prints are scheduled to be shipped approximately 40-60 days following the close of the preorder period.

Larry Doby's life and career are a testament to resilience, talent, and quiet determination in the face of immense adversity. Born on December 13, 1923, in Camden, South Carolina, Doby grew up in a time of deep-seated racial segregation and discrimination. Despite these challenges, he emerged as a pivotal figure in baseball history and American culture.

Doby's foray into baseball began in the Negro Leagues, where he played for the Newark Eagles. His exceptional skills on the field quickly caught the attention of Major League Baseball (MLB), and in 1947, he broke the color barrier in the American League, signing with the Cleveland Indians. This monumental step, occurring just weeks after Jackie Robinson's debut in the National League, marked Doby as the second African American to play in the MLB in the modern era.

Wearing number 14, Doby stepped onto the field amid a climate of intense racial prejudice. Like Robinson, he faced hostility from fans and players alike, and often found himself isolated from his own teammates. Yet, he persevered with grace and strength, letting his performance on the field speak for itself.

As a player, Doby was a powerhouse. He excelled as a center fielder and was known for his powerful batting. In 1948, he helped lead the Cleveland Indians to a World Series victory, becoming the first African American player to achieve this feat. Over his career, Doby was a seven-time All-Star and in 1954, led the American League in home runs.

Off the field, Doby's impact was just as significant. He was a quiet but formidable force against racial injustice, paving the way for future African American athletes not just in baseball, but in all sports. Doby's number 14, while not as widely celebrated as Robinson's 42, symbolizes an arguably equally important struggle and triumph in the fight for equality in America.

His post-playing career saw him continue to break barriers. In 1978, he became the second African American manager in the MLB, leading the Chicago White Sox. This achievement further cemented his legacy as a trailblazer in the sport.

In 1998, Doby was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, a fitting recognition of his contributions both on and off the field. His story is not just about baseball; it's about courage, dignity, and the relentless fight for equality. Larry Doby's number 14 stands as a powerful symbol of his enduring legacy, a reminder of the challenges he overcame and the path he blazed for those who followed.

This 7 x 10.5" art print, celebrating the life and career of Larry Doby, will be available for purchase until a specified date. After this, it will be retired. Estimated to ship 40-60  after the close of the purchase window, this print is not just a piece of memorabilia but a tribute to a true pioneer in the history of baseball and American culture. Printed on double-thick card stock, this art print comes packaged with all the nostalgia a baseball fan could ask for. It's a pre-order item available for two weeks only, after which the print is retired and the print run is finalized.


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“Every time I look at these prints, I think of my father. If artists can channel their adversity into incredible works of art that we get to enjoy, then we should challenge ourselves to turn our struggles into something that can benefit others.”

 - Travis

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Meet the Artist

Daniel is the artist that designs all of our Pop Fly Pop Shop prints. Every piece is made with purposeful intentionality and thoughtful effort. Daniel is a storyteller, and during every drop, he is able to showcase the player’s journey and important moments from their career. The art prints do not simply focus on the player's image but about the entire path that has led them to the big leagues.