Q. Where is my art print? I ordered it days ago?
A. ALL our prints are preorder and it typically it takes about 40-60 days after the print run closes that these begin to ship out. We always strive for sooner but that's a comfortable window to shoot for. If you haven't seen your print and it's within this window, no need to worry.

Q. It's been 40-60 days and I still haven't received my print. What's going on?
A. We do our best to get these out in time but we do experience delays from time to time. We try to be as communicative as possible in our emails about any delays we are experiencing.

Q. There's a problem with my order. What should I do?
A. You can always reach out via our contact us page. For a speedier interaction, you can also message us via Facebook Messenger or by sending us an Instagram message.

Q. I ordered a non-autographed piece, why do I have to wait for the autographed ones to arrived before my regular piece is sent out.
A. One of our internal Commandments at Pop Fly is: "Thou Shalt Not Number the Pieces in Batches." While it's really tempting to partially number and send out unsigned pieces first and deal with numbering the autographed pieces later, this approach often leads to complications. To maintain the integrity of our numbering system, we prefer to number the pieces together, in one go, once all pieces are recollected.

You might wonder, "Why not number all the pieces first and then send them for signing?" This method, too, poses significant risks. If a box of numbered pieces got lost in transit, we would have a duplicate set of numbers out there, causing confusion and devaluing the authenticity of your collectibles.
Our learned practice is to number once and do it at the end. This approach has proven to be the best for maintaining the integrity of your pieces. I understand it can be frustrating to wait, but please know that this process is in place to protect your pieces.

Q. Why are there delays and why do they happen?
A. A number of reasons we've seen that can cause delays. We've seen paper shortages in the past, though that's proven to be very rare.

Also, when not obtaining autograph's in person and doing it through the mail, we are at the mercy of the signer. In one case an athlete lived out of the country so it took 6 months to receive the prints back. That extreme delay has is rare, but it has happened once.

Sometimes there's also printing errors. Some batches don't turn out exactly right and we need to redo them on account of quality. Also rare, but it's happened.