Pop Fly Checklist

Pop Fly Pop Shop Checklist

Download v1.0 Checklist here.

    Pop Fly Pop Shop embarked on its journey on June 12th, 2020, fueled by a dream that persists to this day. As an artist, achieving any kind of success is challenging, sustaining it even more so. Earning a livelihood from one’s art is exceptionally rare, akin to finding a unicorn. Having my work collected by anyone, let alone so many, was beyond my wildest dreams, each moment feeling surreal.

    In this checklist, you’ll find a compilation of work created under the Pop Fly Pop Shop banner since its inception. The artistic journey is inherently messy, with lines often blurred regarding what to include, excludem, how to categorize it, and so forth. My aim here was to lay everything out as logically, clearly and succinctly as possible. Note that this list will not feature works that are Pop Fly adjacent or predate the shop’s creation. Maybe that will be included in a future iteration but for this one, those works are not represented.

    This checklist isn’t definitive, exhaustive or final; it’s a reflection of a moment in time, destined to grow with each passing season. Alongside the regular updates, I anticipate incorporating feedback from our collectors to continually refine this list. Consider this a work in progress. I’m genuinely open to suggestions, corrections, or comments you might have. Your input is invaluable in making this checklist a more useful resource.

    I’m incredibly humbled by the support this project has received. This checklist is a small way of giving back to a community that has given me so much. Thank you for your contributions in making it even better with each iteration.

    And, of course, I must express my gratitude. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me — a journey that started in a spare bedroom during lockdown and has since evolved into something I could never have imagined. Your support has been the backbone of this project, enabling Pop Fly to flourish and contribute to the communities and causes that we and our collectors care deeply about. For all of this, I am forever thankful.

With much gratitude,