Pop Fly Pop Shop turns 1!

Pop Fly Pop Shop turns 1!

“There's more in store for the Pop Fly Pop Shop and I am already looking forward what I'll get to write next June when we hit the one-year mark.”

      That’s what I wrote 6 months ago as I was reflecting on half a year of doing the very accidental Pop Fly Pop Shop. And wow, what a year it has been.

      It’s been a significant year for me and for us as a family. I am humbled by how far this has gone. I had no idea that when I sold my first small handful of prints via a PayPal link last June that a year later I’d have worked together with many childhood heroes Hall of Famers and have over 5000 pieces of my work in people’s collections across the world. The novelty of this whole experience is something I won’t ever let wear off.  The beauty of all of this is that even as I get older, I still approach these pieces and these players with the same 10-year-old wide eyed wonder as I had decades ago. Thankfully that part never ages.

      It's a massive understatement but I am really forward to the year ahead. I’m excited by the possibilities and to see just where this will go. My family and I are working hard to bring you engaging stories, tales off the beaten path, unbelievable characters, and intriguing what-if’s --- all packed up with as much nostalgia as possible.


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