6 Months of the Pop Fly Pop Shop

6 Months of the Pop Fly Pop Shop

I can't believe it's been 6 months and I can't believe it's only been 6 months for the Pop Fly Pop shop. 

22 releases. 1000+ pieces in folks' collections. A lovely community and a most importantly ton of new friends and great relationships. The latter have been some of the best parts of this experience.

     Wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's purchased a print, sent a comment, shared my work or just followed along for the ride. This journey has been a ton of work but also a ton of joy - both for me and my family. This has been a one-man show to some extent, yes, but very truly it's a one-family show. Packing prints, folding boxes and little hands putting on stickers - it's been a significant journey for our whole family. Your support has meant so much to us and it's also helped to support causes that are very near and dear to us. We've been able to make donations to the Negro Leagues Baseball MuseumThe Armenia Fund, and very shortly to the Dave Parker 39 Foundation. And much more to come, most certainly! 

     I've been able to partner and collaborate with several major leaguers in bringing these to life. Dale Murphy, Omar Vizquel and Steve Garvey. That's been a dream come true and with more collaborations in the works for the next few months ahead - well, buckle up. Great stuff coming your way!  

     There's more in store for the Pop Fly Pop Shop and I am already looking forward what I'll get to write next June when we hit the one-year mark. 

     I'll close for now but again, thank you - sincerely - from me and my family. Your support has been incredible a true bright spark in a year that has - well - been a challenge for many to say the very least. As I say often, there's been so many unexpected challenges and unexpected joys during this season - thank you for being part of the unexpected joys. It is my hope that my work has been able to bring joy to you and to your walls as well.

With much gratitude,


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