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52. (SOLD OUT) "Rollie Fingers" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

52. (SOLD OUT) "Rollie Fingers" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

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Up this week is a 7” x 10.5” art print : “Rollie Fingers”.
Available from now until September 5th, this print is expected to ship approximately 30-40 days after the purchase window is closed.

This art print (not a comic book) is printed on double-thick card stock & comes packaged in all the nostalgia you can ask for. *Frame not included

This print was a collaboration with Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers himself and I’m happy to say that we’re able to offer autographed options of this print, signed by Rollie himself. Please choose either ‘regular’ or ‘signed’ on the dropdown to make your choice before checking out.

From the Artist: 
I know I say this a lot but I’ve had the idea this idea for quite a while. There’s so many ideas floating around in my head but only so much time to actually create them. I wanted to capture the feeling of the Marvel comic Wolverine #1. It’s such an iconic cover on it’s own. Instead of a dramatic image of the hero in action, that cover is a closeup of Wolverine and everything you need to know about Wolverine is in that close cropped frame: his look, his attitude, and what made him dangerous. Same here with Rollie. His look, his attitude, and what made him dangerous (and I don’t mean his moustache but rather that deadly right hand of his!).

It was an honor to work with Rollie – not only because of his exceptional dominance on the mound but of how he quite very literally changed the game; transforming the role of the relief pitcher into what we know it as now.

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“Every time I look at these prints, I think of my father. If artists can channel their adversity into incredible works of art that we get to enjoy, then we should challenge ourselves to turn our struggles into something that can benefit others.”

 - Travis

2022 Hall of Fame Weekend

Friday's PLAY Ball fundraiser marked the start of the 2022 Hall of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown!

Meet the Artist

Daniel is the artist that designs all of our Pop Fly Pop Shop prints. Every piece is made with purposeful intentionality and thoughtful effort. Daniel is a storyteller, and during every drop, he is able to showcase the player’s journey and important moments from their career. The art prints do not simply focus on the player's image but about the entire path that has led them to the big leagues.