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33. "The Gremlin" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

33. "The Gremlin" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

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Emlen Tunnell, a name etched in the annals of American football, was a trailblazer in every sense. Born in 1924, Tunnell's journey through the world of sports is a remarkable tale of resilience and achievement. Emlen "The Gremlin" Tunnell was the First Black NFL Player" to be elected into the Hall of Fame and he broke barriers and rewrote history in the National Football League.

Tunnell's path to the NFL was paved with determination. After serving in the United States Coast Guard during World War II, he found himself at the cusp of a career in professional football. The New York Giants recognized his immense talent, and in 1948, he became the first African American to sign with the Giants and later, the first black player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
His impact on the field was immediate and profound. Tunnell was a defensive maestro, patrolling the gridiron with an unmatched blend of speed, intelligence, and tenacity. He intercepted passes, made crucial tackles, and played a pivotal role in the Giants' defensive dominance. In his 14-year career, he intercepted a remarkable 79 passes, a record that stood for decades.

Beyond his sheer athleticism, Tunnell was renowned for his character and sportsmanship. He was a leader in the locker room and a mentor to many. His dedication to the game and his teammates was unwavering.

But Tunnell's influence transcended the field. He was a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring athletes, particularly those from marginalized communities. His journey from humble beginnings to NFL stardom served as a testament to the power of resilience and self-belief and inspired others to break barriers and open doors for future generations of talent.

Emlen Tunnell's legacy extends far beyond his statistics and achievements. He was a pioneer, a role model, and a symbol of what is possible when talent meets determination. His impact on the NFL and the world of sports at large is immeasurable, a testament to the enduring power of his legacy.

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“Every time I look at these prints, I think of my father. If artists can channel their adversity into incredible works of art that we get to enjoy, then we should challenge ourselves to turn our struggles into something that can benefit others.”

 - Travis

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Daniel is the artist that designs all of our Pop Fly Pop Shop prints. Every piece is made with purposeful intentionality and thoughtful effort. Daniel is a storyteller, and during every drop, he is able to showcase the player’s journey and important moments from their career. The art prints do not simply focus on the player's image but about the entire path that has led them to the big leagues.