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32. "Coffin Corner" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

32. "Coffin Corner" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

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Pop Fly #32: The "Coffin Corner" in American football is a specialized kickoff strategy aimed at confining the receiving team to a challenging position deep within their own territory. When a kicker employs the Coffin Corner tactic, they intentionally kick the ball high and short, guiding it to land precisely in a specific area near the opposing team's end zone.

The primary objective is to make it exceedingly difficult for the receiving team's returner to field the ball cleanly and orchestrate a substantial return. By placing the ball near the goal line, the kicking team aspires to compel the returner to field it, thus compelling them to grapple with the daunting task of advancing it up the field.

The term "Coffin Corner" accurately captures the essence of this strategy, as it essentially entombs the receiving team within a metaphorical "coffin" of unfavorable field position. The precise placement of the kick creates a formidable obstacle for the receiving team, hampering their ability to secure an advantageous starting point. Consequently, it substantially bolsters the defensive strategy of the kicking team.

While the Coffin Corner is not a frequently employed tactic, it serves as a valuable tool that can yield exceptional results when strategically executed. When employed effectively, it profoundly disrupts the receiving team's return scheme and considerably enhances field position for the kicking team's defensive unit.

Therefore, the Coffin Corner is a tactical maneuver in American football meticulously designed to manipulate field position, poised for deployment whenever a team wishes to challenge their opponents with an unfavorable starting point.

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“Every time I look at these prints, I think of my father. If artists can channel their adversity into incredible works of art that we get to enjoy, then we should challenge ourselves to turn our struggles into something that can benefit others.”

 - Travis

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Meet the Artist

Daniel is the artist that designs all of our Pop Fly Pop Shop prints. Every piece is made with purposeful intentionality and thoughtful effort. Daniel is a storyteller, and during every drop, he is able to showcase the player’s journey and important moments from their career. The art prints do not simply focus on the player's image but about the entire path that has led them to the big leagues.