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31. "Sweetness" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

31. "Sweetness" 7" x 10.5" Art Print

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I'm thrilled to introduce our latest Pop Fly art print, featuring none other than the iconic Walter "Sweetness" Payton. This print, available exclusively on for the next two weeks, is a celebration of Payton's incredible career and his lasting impact on the game.

Walter Payton, often regarded as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, donned the Chicago Bears' uniform for 13 seasons. But his journey went far beyond stats and records. Payton embodied the spirit of dedication and perseverance. He was a man of unmatched work ethic and commitment to excellence, setting an example for generations of athletes to come.

During his illustrious career, Sweetness rushed for over 16,000 yards, earning nine Pro Bowl selections and the 1977 NFL MVP award. Yet, what truly set Payton apart was his unwavering passion for the game and his teammates. His famous stiff-arm and breakaway speed were only surpassed by his leadership on and off the field.

But Walter Payton's legacy isn't just about football. In the spirit of his unparalleled humanitarian work, a portion of the proceeds from this print will support The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. This remarkable organization is dedicated to assisting those in need, providing them with stability and opportunities to live their lives with dignity and pride.

This limited-time release is a chance to own a piece of NFL art  while contributing to a meaningful cause. Grab your Walter "Sweetness" Payton print before it retires on October 22nd, and let's honor the legacy of a true football icon together.

This is a pre-order item and will be shipped 40-60 days after the print is retired. 

Our art prints (not a comic book) is printed on double-thick card stock & comes  packaged in all the nostalgia you can ask for. The art print is a pre-order item for sale for one week only and then the print is retired and the print run is locked. *Frame not included. 

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“Every time I look at these prints, I think of my father. If artists can channel their adversity into incredible works of art that we get to enjoy, then we should challenge ourselves to turn our struggles into something that can benefit others.”

 - Travis

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Meet the Artist

Daniel is the artist that designs all of our Pop Fly Pop Shop prints. Every piece is made with purposeful intentionality and thoughtful effort. Daniel is a storyteller, and during every drop, he is able to showcase the player’s journey and important moments from their career. The art prints do not simply focus on the player's image but about the entire path that has led them to the big leagues.