"Mike Piazza" Signed Art Print Replacement

We paused on sending out the autographs at some point in the process when it was clear that some folks were unhappy with your signatures and yours might be one of the few that we stopped.

Since you don't have your prints to decide, please see this small gallery as an example of what most signatures look like, signed in silver, underneath the word "Amazzing!".

I will be asking Mike to sign in BLUE sharpie in the LEFT side of his head, just above his fist. If you like it in silver as it is, great, nothing to do! If you'd like one in blue sharpie as mentioned above. Please, fill out the survey below by July 17th.

Thank you for your patience and support throughout! If you have any questions please write to ted@popflypopshop.com and he will help answer any questions you might have. Thank you! 

- Daniel