"Mike Piazza" Signed Print Update

Hello everyone, this is for everyone who purchased a Mike Piazza autograph. Daniel here with an update.

If you HAVE received an autograph and would like a redo, read this message below and fill out the survey below before July 17th.

If you have NOT received your print yet, please click here.

To those who have your copy/copies: I will be asking Mike to sign in BLUE sharpie in the LEFT side of his head. A re-sign will require you to have the original copy available. It cannot be replaced if you've sold the copy, gave it away, or if it's otherwise inaccessible. Instructions on what to do with your original copy will come later but again, having it in hand is imperative. 

If you have not yet received your copy/copies, please visit this page.

To everyone:
Thanks for your patience while we ironed this out. I appreciate YOU for your support and your patience and I appreciate Mike Piazza and his team helping to make this good. If you have any further questions please reach out to ted@popflypopshop.com.

- Daniel