Rosen+Pop Fly Art Collaboration

Rosen+Pop Fly Art Collaboration

On the making end of these Pop Fly's there have been 3 things that I have enjoyed most.

  1.  The community that's building around collecting these
  2.  Seeing my work in peoples forever-collections
  3.  Connecting and collaborating with players and artists to bring these things to life. 
Nolan Ryan Matthew Lee Rosen gumdrop art collaborationOne such collaboration is with one of the most creative artists in the biz; the ever talented Mr. Matthew Lee Rosen, the maestro and mastermind over at This collaboration with Matt turns reimagines the Pop Fly  Ryan Express artwork into Jumbo-sized Gum Cards as well as standard-sized Gum Cards in Matt's signature bubble gum style. 
Nolan Ryan Matthew Lee Rosen gumdrop art collaboration

Each signed and numbered Jumbo card will arrive inside Matt's signature label acrylic desktop frames. The standard-sized '87 Topps are delivered with the iconic Rosen magnetic one-touch holders. 

In classic pop-up shop fashion - and what's customary for my releases as well - there's a timed element to this. If you pre-order before December 8th you get 20% OFF. Blink and you miss it. 





  • Original hand-painted bubble gum collaboration with Matthew Lee Rosen.
  • Each jumbo 5x7 collector card is numbered and signed. It will be protected inside an acrylic magnetic desktop frame... customized with a matching Rosen signature label.
  • Standard-sized gum cards are unsigned, but will come with a matching One-Touch card holder.
  • Your package will also contain other fun stuff from me and signed goodies by Matt.

Comic book print not included.

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